Kiosk for Aroma Espresso Bar

Project Overview
This self-serve kiosk is designed as a solution to long line-ups during high customer hours at the Aroma Espresso Bar @Sherway Gardens Mall. The landing page changes in real-time based on the time of day and the user’s profile data. It provides a more suitable and streamlined UI for the customers, helping to reduce the time spent at the kiosk.
Adobe XD, Illustrator

September 9, 2020 - Octoboer 17, 2020

Project Purpose

Working as a part time barista at this store, I believed the addition of an intuitive kiosk could both attract more customers to Aroma while also streamlining the customer service for a more efficient work environment during busy hours.

Discover & Define

Three major problems and 6 different customer profiles were identified from an interview with the store owner, Jessica Kim.

Self Serve Kiosk

As a solution to the problems, I designed a self-serve kiosk for Aroma Espresso Bar @Sherway Gardens Mall based on the customer profiles and needs.


Customers get different landing pages depending on the time and day. This can be customized by the store owner based on sales data.


Check out the working prototype of the self-serve kiosk for Aroma Espresso Bar @Sherway Gardens Mall

Go to see the prototype ︎