Project Overview
Humber Reminder is a schedule tracking and reminder app for Humber College students. It clearly displays all college-related events such as assignment deadlines, class schedules, optional meetings, academic calendar and event sessions, in one place.
Adobe XD, Illustrator

November 3, 2020 - December 15, 2020

Project Purpose

It is important to keep track of  assignment and exam dates for a successful college life. But it is hard with the current website and app provided to Humber College students. I wanted to improve the experience by optimizing time management and organization.

Discover & Define

According to interviews and surveys conducted on Humber College students, the currently provided website and app are overly complicated and have low user friendly scores.

Reminder App

As a solution, I designed a student schedule reminder app that shows all school events and deadlines in one place. 

Upcoming Events

The upcoming page is the first thing the users see when they open the app, eliminating the  need to navigate for schedule information. 

Profile & Settings

Easily see weekly progress and choose what events to show on the Upcoming page. Sync to your local calendar and set reminders.


Take a look at the working prototype of Humber Reminder

Go to see the prototype ︎