(City of Toronto)

Project Overview
ParksTO is an app designed for youth in Toronto to get more engaged with city planning. The app features an interactive posting system (with AR capabilities) and a forum system. Here, users can suggest their own ideas and support / communicate with others.
Adobe XD, Illustrator, Adobe Aero, After Effects

November 3, 2020 - December 15, 2020

Project Purpose

"We want to make Toronto the most engaged city on planning issues in all of North America. That’s the goal of Growing Conversations, a project to improve engagement across the City Planning Division. We know that achieving that goal means doing a better job of reaching youth, newcomers and renters—groups that are often underrepresented in conversations with City Planning."


See posts made by people around you and create your own suggestions


See what suggestions people make for the neighborhood. You can also track progress as it moves forward and support the post with actions.

AR Drop

Place 3D obejcts virtually
and see your ideas come to life

Go to see the prototype video ︎

AR Draw

Draw your suggestions directly on the spot you want to change

AR Explore

See the posts near your
current location

Go to see the prototype video ︎

Profile & Notifications

Check your activity and get notifications when there is an update on your post or others that you upvoted


Try out the working prototype of ParksTO

Go to check the prototype ︎